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Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
final mission through the streets of los angeles. i'm that story coming up. >>> space shuttle endeavour's final journey won't be through space. as bigad shaban reports, instead it's taking to the streets of los angeles. >> reporter: thousands of people are lined up for the biggest show in los angeles this weekend, the space shuttle endeavour's retirement road trip. 66-year-old jan gonder got her at 6 a.m. >> it's like a dream. >> reporter: a big crowd gathered in the middle of the night as the shuttle was slowly hauled on a special carrier from l.a.x. to the city streets. the 167,000-pound spaceship is heading to its last stop, the california science center. moving at 2 miles per hour endeavour should finish the trip late saturday night. the flatbed is not controlled with a steering wheel. it's operated with joysticks. the transporter's wheels can move in any direction. >> it's an engineering marvel. >> reporter: endeavour flew 25 missions, more than 123 million- miles in space before it was retired with the rest of the shuttle program last year and the final 12-mile trip through the
Oct 1, 2012 5:09pm EDT
on tape, a little unexpected drama during this week's carmageddon in los angeles. a big chunk of the mulholland bring fell unexpectedly saturday during demolition. a few construction workers got out of the way just in time narrowly escaping injury. on that note drivers in l.a. are breathing a sigh of relief after surviving their second carmageddon, a 10-mile stretch of one of the busiest freeways 405 shut down until late last night for the demolition of the bridge span we were talking about. it's part of a four-year project to add a carpool lane to the freeway. los angeles' mayor declared the weekend a resounding success. the freeway opened seven hours ahead of schedule. >>> it wouldn't be southern california without a chase hours after the freeway was back open again. this morning police say the driver of a stolen white jaguar took off after officers tried to stop him in the san fernando valley. the chase reached speeds of 120 miles per hour. the suspect bailed from the car and fried to hide in an industrial park -- tried to hide in an industrial park. officers caught up with
Oct 23, 2012 5:00pm EDT
massive headaches for drivers outside of los angeles tonight. that's about 25 miles north of downtown la. investigators say the trucks collided when a dump truck spun out. at least one trucker ended up at the hospital. hundreds of gallons of diesel fuels spilled all over the road way. the tunnel was closed for nine hours? >>> a historic flight suit is being donated to the national air and space museum. it was worn by late navy commander william -- over cuba during the crisis. ecker and his wing man took the first soviet bases in cuba. >>> one of the most decorated mayor reins is getting -- marines is getting a new honor. a statute was installed today outside the national museum of the marine corp. he is the only marine to have five ? >>> why do presidential watchers say obama was more aggressive than romney? >>> we will have the story of apple unveiling their smaller version of the i pad. that coming up ? >>> a fed ex holiday shipping surge and a brown ie recall. apple unveiled its i pad. for the first look? >>> apple shrinks the screen to just under 8 inches. that is about two inches s
Oct 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
the contaminated injections and whether everyone who got them will get sick. cbs news, los angeles. >> the cdc warns doctors not to use any of the products that came from that massachusetts pharmacy, which right now is shut down. >>> american airlines mechanics will fix those floor mounts in 48 of its 757 airplanes to prevent seats from coming loose. three recent incidents where seats came loose while planes were in the air. engineers will upgrade the mechanisms that lock the seats down. the carriers had to cancel more than 90 flights to make those fixes. >>> you'll soon be able to use your mobile wallet at star bucks. the seattle based company teamed up with technology startup, square, to roll out a new mobile payment app. starbucks customers can use. the coffee company will add a tipping app and that will be available sometime next summer. the baristas will thank you. >> this is the weekend dozens of d.c. bars have been given the okay to stay open until 4:00 a.m. two hours longer than usual. a new city policy is being extended that extends alcohol sales before holidays. the move is aimed a
Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm EDT
fire in the los angeles area are going to be fine. flames came shooting from the roof of a being next to the hollywood freeway late last night. about 125 firefighters worked l two hours to put out those -- worked almost two hours to put out those flames. the fire started in some grass outside the building and the flames moved quickly inside through the windows. the cause is under investigation. >>> police in nassau county long island confirmed they were called to lindsay lohan's family home for a domestic incident. they say the actress got into a fight with her mother dina at the house in merrick. the 911 call came in just after 8 a.m. police say it was not a criminal case and there were no arrests. a spokesman for lohan is not commenting on what happened. >>> a sad note tonight, hollywood and the sports world and a lot of sports fans mourning the loss of football great alex karras. the former defensive lineman for the detroit lions who later found success in his acting career died today. karras was noted for his role in the 1974 comedy classic blazing saddles and the abc sitcom webst
Oct 16, 2012 5:00pm EDT
for cbs news, los angeles. >> jo are up to date because you didn't know any of that. >> still ahead, dealing with life after football and facing a debilitating disease. >> but first, what you need to know now to save money or your heating bills this winter. is >>> a full plate for you in our consumer alert. including ways to save money on your heating bills, and some recalls you should know about on vehicles and vegetables. first, let's get you caught up on a new lettuce recall. this over possible salmonella. fresh express is pulling 18- ounce bags of its hearts of romaine. if it is still in your refrigerator, toss it out and fresh express will offer you a free refund. >>> ford is recalling 154,000 of its sub compact vehicles tonight. there's a problem with the side air bags. if the front passenger seat is empty, the impact air bags won't inflate in the back in some crashes. this affects 2011 through 2013 model years, ford is going to reprogram the computer to fix that problem in the fiesta for free. >>> the more than 56 million americans receiving social security are getting a sli
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6